What wakes you up in the morning?

I remember when I started out in my real estate business years ago that one guru had advised a strict morning regimen to get yourself through the day and to get over the mental misery that one would often experience as they arose in the morning. I woke up yesterday reminded of those days of forced affirmations and believing the world was a cold, tough, dog-eat-dog place.

And I took a look at where I was today and the journey that led me to this place.

Successful people often speak about the power of generosity and that if you ever wish to receive something in your life that you should offer that forth as a gift first. They typically recommend donating frequently even if it isn't much because it's important to get into the habit. A lot of people counter that statement with the reality that they don't have much of anything to donate. They are living off ramen noodles- how are they going to donate money to the poor when they themselves are "poor" too?

Years later and donations of time, money and love later, I no longer think that the world is a cold place. I don't need morning affirmations to get me through the drudgery that would await me throughout the day. And it's been one of the greatest blessings I could ever ask for.

The irony is that I have a lot more "stress" and uncertainty in my life today than I did four years ago and yet I'm happier.

Much of it comes down to the moment I wake up in the morning and the realization that I live my life in such a fashion that I never, not ever, cringe at the thought of a new day and the labor that will be required.

I think the key isn't to make morning wake up easier with affirmations, coffee and Red Bull. I think it's about making one million micro-decisions daily that all support a happy life, a happy morning.

It's about giving when you think you have nothing to give and finding joy in the journey and the outcome because they are one in the same.

As I'm writing this blog post listening to "Good Life" by One Republic with tunes blasting from my headset, probably too loud for my own good, I'm reminded that life is sweet, delicate, adventuresome and beautiful.

And if you have yet to know that truth deeply, so deep in fact that you jump for joy at the One Republic song I posted above, I'm here to tell you that you can.

It's possible.

And that it starts with why you wake up in the morning…