What it means to be debt-free.

To be debt-free means to not owe someone something. Most take this in the context of money but it can mean a great many things. Debt is not just monetary. Do you owe someone an explanation?

An apology?

A thank you?

A hug?

A proposal?


A new idea?

Debts weigh on your psyche is left unattended. They bring about guilt, stress, confusion and anger.

They tell the world a story about the type of person that you are and it barks at you about the person you refuse to be. It gives others 'power' over you.

A man without 'associate' debt to me is an honest man. Associate debt is what you owe people in your circle that is typically not fiscal in nature. It can be a date, a phone call, a wrench, etc.

I trust someone who knows when and when not to make promises, who isn't ashamed to deliver on debts owed, who isn't above working hard to fulfill those debts when need be, who acknowledges agreements when they're made and who isn't afraid to say no. After all, how much 'associate' debt do we accumulate in this world out of fear of saying no?

A lot.

You can only owe someone something when you've made an agreement even if it's silent. So save yourself the trouble and don't make promises you don't want to keep.

If you don't want the merger to happen.

If you really don't want to get married.

If you can't stand the thought of moving to Hawaii.

The time spent before the decision is made is a sunk cost. It has no bearing on what the best decision is in this moment. So ahead- make your decision.