What is your vision for the world?

How do you think the world could be? Where and under what circumstances are you sharing that vision?

What makes you a leader is your ability to see things differently. What makes you effective is your capacity to communicate the importance of such beliefs. You get extra points if people take action.

To lead, you only need to be a few steps ahead, but for us to understand where you stand, we need to know where your heart is.

We need to see the world through your eyes, with your compassion and most of all, with borrowed faith. Because in the beginning you need to believe for all of us.

In fact, we more than anything want to believe that change is possible. President Obama was elected twice on that very promise.

Your job will be to navigate us through the landscape that is our future regardless of the fame or shame that comes with it, because for all leaders, it's certain you will receive both.

For some people, they can't possibly understand why anyone would want such a job. But to others, myself included, there is no greater honor to know that your vision for the world is moving mountains for your fellow mankind.

People like us have messages that live deep inside of, tickling our insides until we spit them out. Some of us never share these ideas with the world and this is the greatest shame.

Maybe we fear being wrong. Maybe we fear being mocked, isolated, poor, ugly and destitute. Who knows. I know I've feared thsoe things more times than I care to count.

And yet, those messages still live.

Some are funny, some are serious, some are ridiculous, but all, if true to yourself, are valuable.

In a few weeks, we'll be taking what I hope will be thousands of upcoming leaders around the world and getting their messages out into the world for everyone to hear.

It's a simple thought really; decipher your beliefs and then share them with everyone. And yet, to envision hundreds of personal manifestos in visual form pasted on the internet, on the sides of buildings, in movies, on the streets and in tweets big and small....

To envision that reminds me that we're alive and that we have a purpose.

It feels like we're on to something. Like we're doing something meaningful, fun and big.

It's reminiscent of the 1960's freedom movements only this time it's liberation from self. Liberation from the self-depracting beliefs that prevent us from sharing our vision for how the world could be.

Not should be.

Not need to be.

But could.

I'm inviting you to join me on this journey.

Super short and most certainly unforgettable.

And if you come through my blog, it costs only $5 and from what Skillshare tells me, you'll have access to the content forever.

So share it with your friends, tweet it, FB it, interview me if you want to put content out to your blog, send it to your email list whatever you can to get the word out.

Because this is important. You're important and I want you to believe that.

You're up to bat and I'm hoping for a grand slam.

But you gotta show up. And it starts here.

Here's the URL.

And the code is JUSTDOIT


See you in class ;)


p.s. Sign up. Join the movement and if you don't like it, I'll refund you the money and donate an additional $5 to one of my favorite charities.