What if

What if you stopped telling yourself you had to be different? What if you embraced exactly where you were, right now?

What would that do for your life?

What if you stopped caring what people thought about you, I mean really stopped?

What if you were bold enough to try all the things that you think would lead to utter failure: speed dating, shaving half your head, moving out of NYC to Boulder, CO?

What if you stopped lying to yourself and allowed yourself to be honest?

No you don't like that color, you prefer the Alps to the Rockies and no you don't believe in organized religion.

What if you got down with your bad self long enough to know the good self, the one you're afraid you're perpetually losing or maybe never found?

But what if you didn't fear honesty or the position it would put you in?

The judgement, the expectations, the appeal?

The kind of honesty that guides the most important conversations of your life, the ones that are absolutely necessary to succeed because success is the art of getting out of your own way.

I've spent some time reading about how to sell to corporate executives. Regrettably, I've found very little on the subject. But what credible information I did find confirmed my own beliefs: that building relationships at that level has more to do with your state of being than any tactic or email script. They require you to be a certain type of you: grounded, confident, clear and in some ways authoritative.

You need to be able to stake your claim as a friend, a confidant, an equal. You need to own your space in the most primitive and compassionate of ways. And it feels counter-intuitive and scary as fuck.

I have yet to fully learn this as it is an ever evolving process, but my point here is that so often we run from ourselves mistaking who we are with a fear of who we may be and thus avoiding the very thing that enables perceived greatness.

What are you running from and what if?


Photo provided by Blentley