What aren't you saying?

You can't move upwards in life if you don't talk about the big, fat elephants in the room. Some of the smartest people are simply those who say what everyone else is already thinking.

The fact is that authentic boldness places you at the level of the gods.

And it's the elevator to the top. You will not pierce the bubble we all find ourselves in if you won't tell the most influential people in your life the most valuable insights possible, the ones you know would change their life if only they knew of them!

The spirit recognizes stagnancy, the kind produced from holding too much creativity within.

So go! Say the thing that will save the world ten times over and stop pretending you're not saying it to protect "them".

You're holding back because you're scared. And that's ok.

But it's not ok to hold back the very thing that will change the world and your insight is one of them.

So go.