What are you really selling?

If I ask you what you're selling, you might tell me that your company creates the fastest and most stunning websites ever. Thus, that is what you sell. Or you might say that you help companies increase revenue or print faster. So you sell executive coaching and faster printers.

But that isn't what you're selling, at least not initially.

I've sold thousands of books to people who never even read it… Why do you think they would buy something from me that would market their brand and never have read the book?

Because the book was a fraction of what I was selling.

The truth is that depending on who you're talking to, what you're selling will change, even if the product/s are almost always the same. Because different people have different needs, fears and interests. if you meet those interests and calm those fears, you have a better chance of closing the sale.

C-level executives at Fortune 500 companies have different needs than the heads at start-ups with seed capital. Their vision, their days and their fears are very different. They way they talk, act and dress-- different.

So even if you're selling a website to both, you're not actually selling a website, You're selling something vastly different. And "that" changes depending on who you're talking to…