The NEW Voice of Marketing

The voice of marketing has changed. Below is what one of my banks said to me when I logged in:

Personal Finance Access Code Since we're sticklers when it comes to keeping your information secure, we've created a way for you to use personal financial management tools while still keeping your information protected.Here's how it works. We create an Access Code for you. You use this as a secure password along with your Customer Number or Saver ID as your username when you sign in to the tool. - ING Bank

This is the new voice of marketing: friendly, non threatening, and casual.  Gone is the inflated, cold hype of marketing from years ago and in has entered the friendly neighbor. Why might this matter to you? This sets your expectations for how you as a customer will be handled by, in this case, your bank. And as a business owner, this also shows how customers will expect to be treated. The thought process might go something like,

"If my bank talks to me like this, then I can talk to them in the same way. Pretty cool. "

It lowers barriers. It gets attention.

This is also indicative of the level of transparency that is coming about. No more acting professional and rigid just for the hell of it. Try being yourself. Of course there is always a limit to how much of yourself the world hopes to see and who is to say all of these banks are really as the dude-I-got-a-Dell guy, but at the end of the day, this is where the tone of much business is heading. Important it is, though, that how you interact with your customer is uniform. You don't want to sound approachable via the website only to have horrendous customer service via the phone.

So: what do you sound like?