Vision versus practicality

One of the biggest obstacles to any sales person, CEO, manager or priest alike, is that they face the small mindsets of those they aim to serve. People seem to always want you to play smaller, to think narrower and to be practical. But it's practicality that keeps us where were at in the status-quo, which all things considered, isn't such a bad place. And I think that deep down, they wish you'd prove them wrong, go against their smallness and be bigger than life.

Isn't that why great leaders are followed? Isn't grandness the DNA of any visionary? I mean, why else would we follow them?

...I can't help but wonder what lay on the horizon of innovation.

Where would that take us?

And what would happen if we became a little bit more unreasonable? A little bit more ludicrous?

If we dreamt just a bit more than we rationalized?


what would happen then?