Turning everything off.

Sometimes it's just about doing the work. Turning off the T.V.

The voice in your head.

The list of never-ending things to do.

The 101 great ideas of everything you want to do...

How can we possibly do everything and be everything to everyone?

It's simple: we can't.

And yet somehow we don't, or at least I don't, like to say no.

We don't like to admit we don't have the energy or capabilities at this time to fulfill that need, help out with that project, etc.

I want to start turning everything off.

Facebook, twitter, email.

Tell my assistant to answer email, not because I don't love hearing from my readers, friends and associates, but because I drown in email, I really do. It's a digital vortex that sucks me in.

Stop pretending there's a real existence on facebook.

Stop competing for twitter followers or google analytics.

Just turn it all off and focus on what I've been trying so hard to accomplish and find myself constantly feeling the pull of fear, procrastination and resistance.

All so I can just live the journey, for real.