Top three reasons you work with anyone

There are three reasons you work with people. v The first is for money and I'd argue that this in many ways is actually the least important. This is an integral part of business and is also the natural product of working with others for reasons two and three.

v The second reason is to learn. You have some level of mastery for the project you're undertaking, but the person/company you're about to partner with has expertise in fields that you do not. Maybe they are a millionaire business owner and you as an entrepreneur will benefit from seeing how she works as you are providing value in areas that she is weak in. Learning to be comfortable around people that are smarter than you and still make a lot of money is a critical skill to learn. Otherwise you end up serving markets you can effectively lead but do not feel connected to or challenged by. Your business will suffer as a result.

v The third reason is for credibility, connections and references. Sometimes certain projects don't interest you as much as others, but by taking it and helping this person out, you create a reputation with a key person in your industry that will act as a solid testimonial in the word of mouth circle whose importance cannot be emphasized enough. This work may be free or paid; what matters more is that you understand the value in these relationships.

v How many people in your business circles fall under at least one of these categories?