Three awesome ideas on how to get your blog noticed

Why do I need a blog?

It kind of seems like everyone these days has some sort of blog, don't they?

From tumblr to Wordpress to typepad to even Facebook, content is king (or is it?).

Here's the thing about content. Like all great things, it's almost useless until it's found. If I told you that I had a 1950's, mint condition Mercedes-Benz that I was giving away for free, but never told you where it was, that would be a little annoying, right? How would you ever grab this fantastic deal?

But what if I never even told you about the car? Despite you telling me how much you needed a car, how much you love the Mercedes brand and how vintage cars are your absolute favorites.

And I say nothing.

Writing a blog isn't all that different, in fact, the example is even more significant when you use content as the focus.

Writing is meant to be shared. Period.

Content is meant to be given away, for free. Yeah, yeah, yeah, maybe it wasn't like that before, but nowadays, it's a trust building strategy.

You give away your best stuff, for free, to as many people as possible and over time they begin to like you, trust you and talk about you.

Somewhere in that equation, if you 've listened well enough, you'll know what they want and they'll even pay you.

But they can't very well pay you if they never met you or read any of your work.

If they don't know the Mercedes-Benz exists, then what are they to do?

The simple, not-so-crazy secret to getting your blog noticed is that you have to make some noise (tweet that!). 

What do I mean by that?

I mean who are sharing your content with?

Is it the same audience over and over again or are you finding new people who would find your work useful?

So how do I get more people to find me online?

You want a group of loyal customers to follow you and share your work. These are your fans, your evangelists, your tribe.

But you also want ways to reach new people so you can grow how large your online family is. More is better here (assuming quality is considered).

So how do you get more people to check you out online? 

Well, let me ask you... how do you spend most of your time online marketing?

Which model best fits your current efforts?

SEO models focus heavily on keywords. That means that if you were giving away a Mercedes-Benz online, you'd make sure that all your posts about the giveaway ranked high for key phrases your potential customers used in Google to find those cars. That way, when someone searched for the car on Google, your content would be on the front page of Google and get more visibility.

Social models are focused on "social word of mouth". Word of mouth marketing (WOM) has long been a standard, even over-looked at times, part of marketing. If someone finds your service valuable, they'll recommend your company to their friends, family and colleagues.

In the content space, if people find your ideas valuable, they'll share them just the same, only this time they do so through social media channels like Twitter and Facebook.

These conversations are now happening in the blink of an eye online.

If you go the SEO path, prospects would find your blog via based on what you search for on Google.

If you take the social route, customers find you based on the circles they hang out in and what their friends read and share.

In both instances your goal is to create a solid audience that you can continue to communicate with over the long haul (internet marketers refer to this as a list or tribe).

So that brings us back to the original question, how do you get your blog noticed?

Well there are many ways, but here are three digital options, all of which can be used separately or together, that will get you the attention you are looking for.

  • Option 1: SEO: This means that you study keywords, understand what people are searching for when they want to find your material and seed those keywords throughout your content and site so that people can find them organically. SEO is not my bag of tea (I'm not a super technical person), but it is valuable. Here is a free tutorial from Copyblogger on how to utilize SEO successfully.
  • Option 2: Social: Brand driven, personality motivated, fun content that is based on people sharing it. In SEO people should want to share your content as well (everyone wants their blog posts to go viral), but the difference with social is that it tends to feel more entertaining. You can take a look at someone like Marie Forleo who has a very brand driven blog.
  • Option 3: Partnerships: This is so often a forgotten and poorly understood facet of marketing (and thus getting your blog noticed). So you have the content, but no one is coming? Well what does that mean? That means you need to go find groups of people who would benefit from learning from you. That could consist of a guest post, speaking at a Meetup or sharing your newest ebook with your church group. The point is that you need to find ways to deliver value to new audiences while sharing your content. This is an outbound strategy, where as SEO and Social are inbound focused. Here's a free tutorial to learn more about executing successful partnerships.

I'm curious, what do you do to get your blog noticed?

And what approaches are you currently using to get your message out there to the world? SEO? Social? All of the above?

Let me know real quick in the comments below.