They say it's about who you know

They say it's about who you know and it is (to an extent). But the thing is that we came out of the womb not knowing much of anyone except our mom, and even that was a limited experience. They say that you don't need to make a lot of money or strike it big, as if doing so were bad. But the thing is that the bigger you get, the harder you push and the more you refine yourself, the better able you are to help and connect the world around you. And that's really valuable.

So while people say they can't get started because it's all in who you know, I say that is one major excuse for not being willing to go out and earn the right to meet the change makers of this world.

And while people knock growth, whether it be financial or not due to their own self-limiting beliefs and fears, I say that your growth permits and enables others to grow too. So grow.

I can only lead if I'm ahead and I'm ahead only if I step forward.

What steps are you taking in your life?