The lure of perfection

This one's taken me some time to fully accept and by all means is a working progress. How often do we seek out perfection, both in our own lives and in our work?

The website that needs to be just right to launch or the girl that needs to be exactly what I want and never fart (ever).

It can't be red, only blue and if he chews his gum like that one more time, I swear I'll file for divorce.

After a certain amount of time of sitting with ourselves, we sometimes realize, if we really pay attention, that perfection, like anger, is a cover for something deeper.

Most times it's fear or pent up frustration coming to a head and expressing itself as unsolvable website design problems or men who chew gum like cows.

We most often aren't mad at the dumb things for dumb things sake. We more commonly are frustrated with our own inability to be happy, to meet our own needs and then, let alone, express those very desires to others,

Because sometimes, after pushing for perfection, when we get the website we thought was 200% necessary for launch, we realize maybe it wasn't. And maybe that deal could have gone through had we had something up sooner.

And the gum chewer or the farter? Well, I don't know.

Humans seems to be pretty bad at predicting what they are going to love, and what will make them happy. And seeking perfection is just fastidious procrastination.

Maybe what we need to do is be more willing to make decisions a bit more often. Push the envelope a little bit further and then wait out the results when the necessary work has been done.

Calm energy.


Perfection out of site.

Willingness to fumble and smile here.