The joy found in little delights

You start off in business swearing you're going to re-write the whole industry. You are going to invent and re-do everything. Then you learn the phrase "don't re-invent the wheel" and it becomes painfully obvious that it's laborious and pointless to try to recreate everything.

You learn that it's more about about weaving creativity and bravery in all that you do and to have a commitment to finding ways to wow everyone you work with, especially your customers. This can be done with the execution of all the little things, like in the case of Zappos with customer service. It wasn't mind boggling what they did when you really think about it. They treated people above and beyond the way they expected to be treated.

Amazon offers free 2-day shipping for prime members.

Warby Parker lets you try all your glasses on before you buy them and you get the box of practice wears with free express shipping.

Harry's Harbour in Buffalo, NY delights you with complimentary cotton candy at the end of each meal.

It's about doing the little things right that ultimately feel really big in nature. We over-think the miraculous to the point that we end up doing nothing more than the mundane.