The future of marketing

Is a place where people communicate frequently. There is trust, intrigue, curiosity and evangelism when done really well.

Technology will forever change but the principles that guide our use and interaction with people through these platforms does not.

Whether it's Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter, know that the signals change but the necessary currency for engagement does not.

And there are high-level and low-level signals which tell the world about who you are in that eco-system. How you show up and interact with others gestures if people can trust you or not.

Commercials tell a story of grandness and in the media space they are seen as some of the more sexy advertising.

But not all commercials are created a like. Infomercials at 4 am selling weight loss supplements feel very different than those from the Gap during Christmas.

It ultimately comes down to if you are delighting people or not and if those interactions create trust, intrigue, curiosity and ultimately evangelism.

That is both the past and future of marketing. I don't see it changing anytime soon.