The tales of leadership

Some thoughts on leadership:

  • Leadership is tough. And it's something you earn.
  • The greatest leaders have earned their place by having fought the hardest battles. If you're not willing to step into the ring and fight, then by default you cannot be a leader.
  • Great leaders can be made if the individual is willing to do the work. Walking the path (doing the work) both prepares you for what lay ahead as well as gives you the credibility others need to trust in your vision.
  • Leaders come in varying forms, but what's consistent among them is that they face something the majority of the world is afraid to confront: themselves.
  • And lastly, being great means far exceeding the expected. It means soaring ahead of the curve.

Never for a second think that one leader in particular is more special than another or that you are incapable of reaching the levels of success and influence that they have reached.

The place inside of you that calls you to lead doesn't care about how you compare to other people. It's not interested in their level of exterior success. When you realize that, you begin to lead. And when you truly begin to lead, the world takes notice and aids in your vision.