"Shoulds" and "coulds" get old...quick.

There is an endless list of shoulds and coulds in the world. As you get better at your given business or profession, the "coulds" of your world grow. More people hope your output will increase as to include them and more opportunities will flood your gates at a higher frequency.

I could take on that project.

I could volunteer this weekend .

I could speak at that event.

Then there are the "shoulds" of the world; all the things that you "should" do.

You should live in NYC for business.

You should network as often as possible.

You should be friends with him because he's connected.

Soon enough the coulds and shoulds consume your life. You do the coulds because they are substantiated by the shoulds and soon enough, if you're any good at all at what you do, more coulds come along and the endless cycle ensues.

I envision myself slicing the cycle down the middle with a huge ax, because it is so pointless. It's a race into the rabbit hole, one I don't care to venture into unless it's on my own terms.

Some people like what I described above, this endless race consumed by the demands of others and social norms, and to that I guess I 'could' say that I 'should' too.

But I don't. And you don't have to either.