Seven things to consider about your life and business

"About business and life: * It's not about how fast you get there. There really isn't a race and acting like there is invites you to play at a small level. It hinders your ability to share a grand vision if you feel Father Time aggressively breathing down your neck. It's not to say that a bit of a hustle in our step is misguided; it's to say that panic and anxiety around being first or about time ending is futile.

* Relationships are everything: you do nothing without the help of someone else. You are where you are because others supported you, invited you, mentored you, scolded you and gave you a chance and the further ahead you want to get the more help you'll need (what do you think employees are?). We all have people that gave us a break. Honor that.

* So what? So what if the deal doesn't go through? So what if she dumps you? So what if you spilled ketchup on your new dress? So what… We fear things more out of ego and status than out of necessity. If the deal doesn't go through we fear lack of money, lack of status, failure, etc. But will we eat? Probably. Will we live. Yeah. As for the girl or the ketchup? There are other women and other dresses and there are things called counselors and laundromats to clean and repair the damaged goods. There are an infinite number of solutions to any given ""problem"", the first one realizing that what we see as a problem, most likely isn't that big of a deal. So. what.

* You are the most important person in your life. I'll say it again because most people glaze right over this one: you are the most important person in you life. Rejoice over yourself. Laugh, smile, be goofy and jubilant. And take care of yourself. Spend as much time celebrating yourself as you do worrying about others and watch the difference. Your entire life will transform. I promise.

* Business and life principles are the same business model with slightly different jargon and content. The framework is the exact same. Treat people well, take care of yourself, set boundaries, over-deliver and delight, say thank you and mean it and let people know you care. Follow through on your promises, be willing to speak the truth even if it's scary and show up every day like it were your last. You want to know the makings of a great marketer or sales person? A human being that gives a shit and is willing to try and learn repeatedly.

* No one owes you anything but there are plenty of people who want to help you. You'd be amazed at how people will step up to support you and your dreams, which brings me back to point number two, that relationships are everything. Community is so critical in all that you do. If you don't have a solid community, go rent one (I'm serious). Get adopted and learn what it means to be part of something bigger than yourself.

* Be open about what you want. Ladies this one in particular is for us. Have no shame in how you feel or what you desire. Be bold in your pursuits.