The seeds we sow

The past few weeks for me have been highly spiritual. A lot of thrashing has taken place as I frantically looked for a NYC apartment, a big move is lined up in the next few days, a trip to San Fran, work is going well which means there's always more to do and sales/life classes to boot. But what has been so astounding to me is to the see the results of the seeds we sow. Offers to write for major magazines, speaking opportunities, classes, closed deals but really, at the heart of it, the chance to impact those around you.

The chance and right to make decisions that you're proud of, the ones you can look your kids in the eyes 10 years down the line and say yeah, I was a part of that.

I suppose I'm just sharing that I feel so blessed to have such a great set of friends, family and opportunities that allow me to do something that feels meaningful.

Maybe I just needed to say it out loud...

LifeLalita Ballesteros