In search of a few WEB / DESIGN & RESEARCH accomplices

My passion in life is to build, create and lead. I believe there is an enormous amount of possibility dentro del mundo de los negocios (business world/entrepreneurship). It's the chance to shape the world around you, to make a good living and to inspire others to do the same. It gives you a platform, a voice and means to share your vision with the world.

But the thing is that no one explicitly taught us how to do this. It isn't part of our traditional schooling and we are left to sort of figure it out as we go. And it can be scary, so intimidating in fact that we fall off the wagon. We quit prematurely and consider, god forbid, a regular job.

So I'm creating a manifesto, a creed and an inspiring push to keep you on track. It will be free for the world to use at their leisure and it's a message that we as creators need to hear and embody. It's a piece of our unique voice.

But I need help.

I can create the vision, write the manifesto and bring on the necessary rock stars, but I need help on the design and research front. From branding to logo design to web design to outreach research, I’m in search of a few accomplices to help breathe air to this vision.

It’s unpaid, I’ll give you access to my resources/network when appropriate, prominently display your work with full recognition (of course!). You can use this as a staple piece to add to your portfolio and resume too. But more importantly, you’ll be part of a larger mission of inspiring people to continue on their path to being their true-selves, the ones that are meant to totally rock this place.

The project will launch in August 2011. If you're interested in bringing this vision to life, fill out this form to get started. Deadline to apply is Friday, June 17th.

And if you know someone this might interest, please feel free to share.