A salesman's greatest asset

is his self respect and confidence. No matter the title you carry or who your father is or what you've done, your task is the same. Sales is the universal equalizer. It doesn't matter if the person is your best friend, the process and necessary emotions that your prospect must experience are the same.

It exposes us as the humans we are and in our most vulnerable state, which ironically enough is our point of greatest strength.

We can't fake our way to this level of success. The club of influencers won't allow it.

As a visionary (who is the biggest salesman of them all), this both liberates you and humbles you.

It's liberating because you realize we all have to go through the same process. No one is exempt.

And its humbling because you never get ahead of yourself. It reminds us of our limitations and that anyone at any point in time can inact their god given right to say no (or yes).