F*&! the rules

Who says you can and or cannot do something? Calling the owner of an NBA team, reaching out to the President, breast feeding in public…

Most rules do not need to be obeyed.

Dress codes, proper introductions, bio's, resumes… there are rules for all of them.

And most of them are shit.

It's clear that to succeed you must stand out. Standing out is the act of being authentic; it's the magic in the room and the stories people tell long after they meet you.

If you follow the rules, you essentially put yourself in line behind all the other people who bought the lie that rules provide safety.

The real truth is that most rules imprison us from our most creative selves. Granted, some are clearly made for our safety, like seat belts, speed limits and recycling.

I don't recommend that you begin to run red lights, drink and drive and break into your neighbor's house.

But style advice like no white after Labor Day? ehhh.

So what was that you said about not being able to wear polka dot pants to a meeting?

Yeah. about that.