A Publishing First: General Electric sponsorship for a Best Selling Author's latest book

Never before done in the history of the publishing industry has this been done before (as far as we know, and we've checked) and we are so proud to be offering this phenomenal opportunity to our readership and the world. General Electric has become our "Launch a Book" sponsor for  Do the Work, our latest release from The Domino Project.

What this means for you, the reader, is that you have access to the digital edition of this book for FREE. It won't be free forever, so you should act now to grab your free copy. Order it here and it will be automatically delivered on pub date. You can read it on a Kindle, an iPad, an iPhone a PC and more. (If you already ordered your copy, your payment will be credited back to you).

This is a big win for the spreading of passionate ideas. The world has greater access to powerful messages from phenomenal leaders, for free, because innovative brands, like GE, stepped up to the plate. Thanks GE.

For businesses, the opportunity is probably the most unique. Our book launch sponsors benefit from mass distribution of a best seller which has their name/brand on it. It's a really cool way to reach large audiences, strengthen your brand and impact the world.

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