A post for my location-independents and all those who don't understand us...

Some facts:

  • We actually work, go figure. In fact, we work a lot, probably more than you do because we never really "leave" the office.
  • Managing yourself is quite challenging: There is not a boss overlooking your shoulder so you are less driven by fear and more by passion to excel. But fear is what we were raised on so it demands more of you to step up to the challenge of "above average".
  • Stop asking me to run errands during the day. Don't knock on my door asking for sugar as one co-worker stated, don't think the super can stop by because I happen to be home and don't ask to drop your kids, cat, project, car or anything off. Act as if I work. Thanks.
  • It gets lonely. Which is probably why they invented co-working spaces. Working outside of an office generally means it's you and your cat. The challenge becomes finding a place to work that matches your needs, that's affordable and where you can actually interact with people.
  • Don't hate. I've been told how "lucky" I am to be in this position. Luck has little to do with it. I've worked towards this for 2 years and am just now getting the hang of it.
  • We're not any less "professional". Just because we don't work in a 9-5 office doesn't mean we are not as smart, lazier or just less "professional", whatever that even means.

Thanks for reading.


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