permission to be "small"

ambition is highly prized and valued in this culture. who are you going to be?

what will you create?

what will be your legacy?

who are you?

And those are all great, probing to get-you-off-your-ass questions.

But what happens when you don't want "it all"? Or what happens when you "make it"? That place you've been striving for, and I'd wager it has something to do with happiness and peace, the top of the mountain so to speak?

What happens if you're happy and grateful for making $100k a year?

What happens when being a senator feels perfect and you don't want to be president?

When you don't want to take on more responsibility or worry about being the next youngest, hottest, oldest all star?

I say go ahead.

It isn't the end as so many think. Gratitude is not playing small. Happiness, peace and rest are not playing small.

And if you pay attention you'll learn the difference between wanting more due to a deep calling and wanting more to fill some deep void that will never feel complete.

The former is your purpose in that moment; it's excitement and opportunity inviting you to play.

The latter is insecurity, masked as respectable ambition.