Not what you wanted to hear

What do you do when you're sitting down with a client and they expect you to give them one answer and you advise them to do the exact opposite? What do you do when people pay for a class you're teaching and your answers don't meet their expectations?

At it's very essence the question is what do you do when people pay for your time to help them solve a specific problem and the advice you give them does not appear adequate?

It doesn't solve their problem quickly enough, isn't easy enough to apply or is too vague...

The initial reaction is to change because that's what the 'market' wants.

But I don't think that's the answer.

I happen to not believe in revolutionary advice, the "this one secret will change your business forever" type pitches, mostly because I believe in the magic of everyday.

I think most things in life, making your morning coffee included, have the power to change your life if you are open to such lessons.

But the truth is that many of us have already decided what we want to hear from the beginning. We simply want someone to justify our decision because there is some sort of comfort in knowing others are making the same mistakes or successes as you.

So I'm not sure what to tell people as of yet when they come to my classes wanting to hear a magic formula for insane sales success mainly, again, because I believe in simplicity.

The truth is that anyone can do what I do if they make enough calls and are as honest as they can be...

I can sell you bells and whistles but I won't because I don't think bells and whistles alone makes a great sales person. And selling you on something or telling you what you want to hear doesn't really solve your problem (I don't think).

The bottom line is that you shouldn't change your advice to meet the hungry needs of a person who already knows what they want to hear just to appease them.

Because then what do you stand for?

There is in fact a difference in knowing what you need to hear, what you want to hear and a moral obligation in delivering the truth...