This is what happens when you move fast

You hit a lot of road blocks, faster and harder. The benefit is that you have the momentum to push through them. You encounter more opportunities at a more rapid pace which allows you to grow faster. The more you're exposed to the better able you are to act in the face of future opposition.

The downside is that you need to build your emotional endurance . You can't run a 10k race immediately after having spent 15 years on the couch eating mini muffins, now can you? The same goes for building something: a relationship, a business, a movement. It takes time, practice and effort.

The challenge is knowing and accepting that you have to go through thousands upon thousands of 'trial and error situations' to learn what works and what doesn't while simultanesouly keeping a balance so that you don't burn out.

There's no real, hidden 'secret' to success as many might claim.  Many of the 'secrets' that I'm now 'uncovering' are just reaffirming lessons from my childhood that I began to think (incorrectly so) were oppositional to success: be yourself, tell the truth, treat others as you would want to treated.

The bigger truth is that much of it has to do with getting out of your own way  and allowing yourself to both fail and shine publicly.

go go go until you figure out what works.