A thank to you my mentors (please read)...

Realizing that it's been almost a year since my time with The Domino Project began, I feel quite grateful and wanted to share that moment with the world. I felt it necessary to take the time for some thanks.... Thank you.....

  1. Mom, Dad, Christina, Julia, Jasper, Abby, Simon and Buffalo-- I know you think I'm crazy half the time and can't always explain to others what I do for a living, but your support in my spontaneous pursuits gives me strength. Thanks for having my back through good and bad times.
  2. Seth (Godin,  not Girod)-- You are one of the hardest teachers I've ever had only because your heart is so big. There's just no bullshitting with you. I have grown immensely since my time with The Domino Project and now with Squidoo. Thank you for being such an inspiring soul.
  3. Jacqueline-- My first gig here in NYC. You gave me a place that felt like home when mine was so far away. I am truly grateful for all I have learned and continue to watch as you grow and succeed. You always make me laugh with your matter-of-fact humor. If not for you I don't think I would have landed my job at The Domino Project.
  4. Henry, Seth (Girod) and Sam-- When I was at my worst you were all there for me. Through nomad times, the need to sleep on a couch or in a bed because I didn't wan to be alone, you were all amazing friends. You helped nurse me back to emotional health. I will never forget your kindness. Ever.
  5. Cuba, Melissa, Amanda and Sharon-- You are some of my closest friends. Although we all live very different lives, there is a connection that I feel with each of you that reminds of home. Thank you for being such outstanding examples of strong women.
  6. The Domino Team-- Hats off to each of you. I am constantly in amazement at what phenomenal individuals you are and am incredibly honored to have the chance to work with you. I miss our time together, but am honored to call you friends.
  7. Luna-- yes, you're a dog and you can't read this so I'll read it to you (ha!). Animals think differently than humans. They react to life differently. Thank you for always showing me in myself what I maybe am unable to see.
  8. Armando-- It's been a long road. Despite my distaste for long-term anything, with you I've learned depth, trust and commitment to something greater than yourself. I'm learning what it means to go deep rather than wide... Thanks for being my partner in crime all these years, supporting my worldly travels and for never, not once telling me I can't achieve something.

If you're not on the list, it doesn't mean you're not a mentor or a valued friend. This is one of MANY gratitude posts. :)

LifeLalita Ballesteros