Making excuses

Today I was reflecting on how my intern was in Florida right now for a wedding and how he wanted to use his time out there to interview some people for our magazine SponsorsWin. The people we feature are high level innovators; folks at the top of the food chain of business so to speak so there is some delicacy and finesse in how you go about initiating such a conversation, the one you hope will lead to trust, friendship and ideally growth. His opening is the interview. He offers a platform for others to share their expertise which feeds the most basic human needs and emotions: the need to help and the need for recognition.

But the reality is that even if he didn't oversee a major publication, he could just as easily make up his own reason to talk to these difficult-to-get-ahold-of folks.

We over complicate things in our thinking that we need a major, life-shattering event to initiate a conversation, that you have to have the best reason to talk to that pretty girl or else she'll think you're stupid and hate you.

But that's, pardon my bad French, bullshit.

At any given moment we are able to create a moment, a reason, an excuse if you will to talk to someone we admire.

And the platform doesn't have to be glamorous.

A blog for an interview, a smile with eye contact to say you're human, an ask to see you again...

Honest flattery or recognition is always a great start, but really you could start anywhere.

Just open your mouth and talk.