Learn to let people down

How does it make you feel when you let people down? What impact or repercussions develop as a result of you dissapointing others? For the longest time, I interpreted letting others down as failure and associated it with pain and isolation. Thus, I sought to escape it, skirt her annoying sting and find other ways to just make it work. The benefit of this is I learned to be really resourceful, mastering how to create something from even the most challenging situations. But the downside was that I had an unhealthy and irrational understanding of dissapointment. I associated letting others down to be directly correlated to absolute failure.

However, here's the interesting part.

As a leader, you have to be willing to not live up to the expectations of others because for one thing, their thought process may be limited or irrational. And they're entrusting you to use your judgement which means you have to trust it too even if it goes against what others believe.

To lead, you have to be willing to see what others cannot and rally for your cause even when people around you would judge you and try to dissuade your means.

As a salesperson, objections dont always indicate failure. They're more closely related to someone saying, "I don't understand, could you please explain further?" If you are limited to the framework of your boss, client or spouse, then you can't truly serve them, can you? How could you? If you as the visionary are the one who needs to create the future, how can you possibly work within the foundation they've assembled?

The more you sell your ideas, products and beliefs, the more disagreements you'll come up against and it will be your job to ascertain which of those disagreements you should pay attention to or simply chalk off as a difference in opinion.

Disapproval doesn't mean you're wrong. It's not a sign you should stop. 

And letting people down is key to growth as an innovator, leader and person wth a vision for the world.


Because you're a scientist of sorts pushing the static boundaries of our reality. So for god's sake, diasspoint until you delight!

Those who get it will applaud your journey and follow because like all great leaers, they trust that while they don't know where or how they're going to arrive, they know you will get them there, wherever "there" lay on the horizon.

"Men wanted for Hazardous Journey. Small wages, bitter cold, long months of complete darkness, constant danger, safe return doubtful. Honour and recognition in case of success."

This ad ran in a London newspaper in 1913. Can you imagine answering it? Probably not. But over 1000 men did. They were hoping to be chosen for an Antarctic exploration led by Ernest Shackleton, who had gained fame for his 1909 expedition to the South Pole, falling just ninety-seven nautical miles short of the Pole (from smsearch.com)."

Those who understand your journey as art will wait in anticipatory hope for your breakthough (s) because they see them move through you like music in the air and if only you could grab hold of them...

Disappoint dear soldier, CEO, painter, actor, mom, dad, daughter and son.

And from that dissapointment learn your truth and discover the true meaning of leadership.

Because those who get it will help you refine it into a masterful work of functioning art! And those people exist. Those men and women looking for adventure are there right before you.

Build a hunger to meet, understand and delight them.

They are your tribe. They're your loyal fans and net to catch your steeper falls.

They're out there. Spend more time on them than on the red lights of your life and on kicking yourself for having not lived up to the world's expectations of who you are.