Just let it be

One of the biggest lessons I've learned this year is about letting things be. It's come as sort of a necessity given that one of my super powers is to initiate.Initiate connection, conversation, business deals, proposals… you name it and I my friend will probably go out and make it happen.

And they say that how you do one thing is how you do everything.

So what if you just kept pushing? You saw the opening ,however small, and you tried to wedge your way into the opportunity, practically forcing yourself, because you believe that otherwise you'll miss out on this ripe occasion?

In that effort is it possible to be the gentle, well-intentioned gorilla that mistakingly crushes the fragile circumstances that sit in our hands?

At the root of over-work is fear of loss.

Loss of the client, the deal, the girl.

At the root of subpar effort is fear of failure.

Public humiliation, validation of your worst fears of not being good enough, etc.

After every great run, lays rest, the wait, the pause.

It's a critical stage of everything we do in life.

So in moments of near burn out, where you say I'm just going to push a little bit harder, ask yourself if you're starving or feel hungry?

If you're starving, you're pushing too hard. Fall back soldier. This is where you can become the gentle giant that crushes opportunities due to impatience, ego and fear.

But if you feel hungry, then it's quite feasible you're entering the last leg of a sprint to a finish line determined by you. That's probably a green light to keep going.

And the thing about the finish lines of life is that there really aren't any. A finish line says that you get to stop, that you've run enough and you've won, lost, whatever. There are snacks at the end and raving fans with high fives and signs and painted faces.

What most of us do is we try to keep running. We fly by the raving fans, snacks and the wins and losses because we never said it was ok to stop. Maybe in some effort to prove to others that we're strong, efficient, effective, whatever, we just assert the idea of ""no rest needed"". And eventually we reach a point of starvation, our bodies drained, our souls saddened by the isolation of the life-long lone run, we're angry that things aren't turning out in our favor and why did we ever start this stupid run anyways?

No animal runs forever. It isn't natural.

So stop running.

Fear aside, deal aside, girl aside.

Just let it be.

I'm telling you it's ok to stop and that for many of us, especially the hyper-iniatitors, it may be the very thing that will change our lives.