It isn't about the money

I heard this piece of advice 2000 times but it's only recently that it's begun to resonate with me on a deeply spiritual level. Your work is not about money.

Your business is not about money.

Your life is not about money either.

It's about learning to move through the day to day with patience, passion, honesty and understanding.

It's about realizing that it isn't about closing the sale but facing your insecurities, the very obstacles you place in front of yourself without even realizing it.

It's about enjoying the process because there is no "there". As much as you'd think if you just had that much more money everything would change I think that's a grave mistake.

Within this piece of advice is some deep wisdom. Many people fear that only certain products or industries produce income so they pursue them with the belief that money would give them more time and less worry. They in essence pursue money blindly seeing that or their business as their end all be all.

But there are opportunities across all industries. It's just about the execution.

And it isn't, I repeat, all about the money...