An inside look at an influencer's life

Some things worth noting about the most influential people in the world: Influential people are humans too. They get tired of being pitched from people with small ideas and are especially tired of being continually misunderstood.

"If they just knew how to talk to me," they think, "If they just knew what to say and what I value. It'd be so much easier and far more enjoyable."

"Or if I could just talk to someone at my level, who gets it, and feel like myself and not worry that they simply "want" something from me."

"And can I have a f*ckin conversation that doesn't feel like the most boring meeting in the world while still solving my problems and being valuable?"

The more influential you become, the more the unworthy come knocking at your door.

Unworthy because they haven't done the work necessary that earns them the stripes that every ethical influencer wears, the ones that are visible to only those in that elite circle. It's like Fight Club.

Or they are simply people with poor morals and/or small (ideas).

And the expectation that they attend every event they're invited to and respond to every email and be the person the world sees them as 24/7. It's tiring. And stupid.

Before you reach out to an influencer, understand who you are in the world.

What do you stand for, where do you create value and why should they care.

And have fun while you're at it.

But don't come knocking with arrogant expectations, a poor understanding of value and the feeling that they owe you something.