Ignore? I think not.

It can so unbelievably scary. And yet so incredibly liberating. I'm not talking about sex. And this post isn't about skydiving either.

It's about enjoying life.

"What?" you may say? This chick is a WIERD-O, talkin' 'bout how enjoying life can be scary.

Or is she?

You see if enjoying life wasn't so scary then why don't more people do it? And why do we enviously applaud and admire those who are in fact happy and at peace? Why is that a reason for applause and not an everyday occurrence?

Why do we have spiritual teachers, rabbis, imads and priests?

Why are there books on how to be happy?

If it were easy, wouldn't we all do it? If the offer was tantalizing enough and believable enough, I think one might.

And what is more intriguing than genuinely enjoying life? So I suppose it can't be all that easy then, can it?

In fact, it is quite scary indeed.

I have a dear friend who talks about experiencing the answer. She talks about feeling it out. From a conceptual standpoint I understood what she meant.

Hm, feel it out. You just, you know, 'feel' it.

But I didn't really get it. In fact, I hadn't even really practiced it until it hit me just the other day.

I was really happy and energetic and had all these ideas racing through my head. I started a new project at whim, bought the web address, put out a call for help and set it to launch in August (but it's looking more like July), wrote 2/3 of a manifesto that I hope will inspire millions of entrepreneurs around the world, formed my soon to be rockstar sales classes and have 5 meetings lined up with some pretty amazing people to knock out the details of all of these ventures.

And I was working.

And I was happy.

Hell, I was even in my inbox and was still smiling!

It may have been ZenHabit's post on no more goal setting or it could have been Derek Sivers' post on not telling anyone your plans because you'll be more apt to NOT follow through with them or it could have been the reading for over 24 hours (not straight) from 3 books and countless blogs...

In all actuality I don't know how it happened, but I hope this bliss never leaves.  My work didn't make me want to scream or sleep or pray for the weekend.

And isn't this what all of these blogs talk about anyways?

"Quit your job. Enjoy your life. Blah blah to the mother f'in blah."

I get it now. And I hope all of you one day get it too. :)

LifeLalita Ballesteros