"I'd love to be bigger and bolder. I wanna get out and get noticed!"

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Why I refused to promote my blog for 4 years

When I first left my real estate business almost four years ago and began this whole online journey, I knew I wanted to help people experience more freedom and joy in their lives. What I didn't know then was that I was a natural at sales and marketing and was on the cusp of something really big. We all have things we’re naturally good at and sometimes it just takes some time to discover those innate talents.

You can see one of my earlier videos here (warning: the editing is kind of bad and at some point, a bug is sitting on my forehead for like 3 minutes. Oh the early days!). This video was shot three years ago, right before I made my big move to NYC.

As I started to work in NYC, I judged that girl in the video you just saw. I slowly began to change my idea of what a "cool" business was. I began to think that business had to be hard and manly and it was only a "real" business if it was funded and of course, anything 100% online was cheap and cheesy.

In fact, most everything I had seen online felt cheap, overly promotional and void of meaning (even if it had value).

So for years I denied and pushed down what I really, truly, in my heart wanted to do because I feared looking like "them" (and you know who I'm talking about).

The flashing arrows, the "buy now or you'll never ever achieve anything" fear tactics, the ugly websites and the crappy content.

I'll tell you-- I spent $25,000 on one of those courses that promised a miracle and it took me $25k and some experience to realize there is no magic pill. There is no magic formula. There is trustworthy, useful information, there are the people who support you and above and beyond anything else, there’s action.

Ultimately, I began to think that my dream business wasn't possible because having it meant selling out and having really ugly marketing [and let's be honest, I'm a bit of a design snob ;) ].

Over time, having had many different gigs since my first days in NYC, my opinion has changed.

And today, as I get ready to share our second video with you (as part of our three part series) and as we gear up to tell you about our business course that's taken almost a year to make, complete with an application-only beta test and countless hours of brainstorming, research and grit…

… I realize that this stuff works. That you can live life on your own terms and deal with the obstacles as they come about with style and grace. And more than anything, I’m humbled and inspired that I made it this far and know that you can too.

The real reason no one is blogging about you

One of the biggest misconceptions around self-promotion is that people think that the bloggers and journalists need to initiate contact with you. People ask questions like,

"How do I get press? And how do I get people to come to my website? How do I get cool bloggers to feature my work?"

"I see all these other people in my industry in Fortune, Forbes, Fast Company and everything else and my work is just as good, but why aren't I being featured?'

You see, most people think that if you're talented, you're innately gifted, and thus the world is going to naturally recognize that. As if you were a shining star in the sky and us bloggers and journalists are going to look up, realize it’s you shining up above and clamor to feature you.

Nope. That just isn't how it works.

For one thing, people are really busy. Even when they're not super busy, they think they are, so asking them to do a lot of extra work is pointless. And researching people to feature, especially if they’re someone on the internet who has never been written about in a major publication, doesn't share any of their work publicly or affiliate themselves with known organizations, well that makes finding them incredibly difficult. We market effectively because we want to be found easily. If we cannot find you easily, then you have a marketing problem. You in essence have a self-promotion problem.

Secondly, the media industry doesn't work that way. This is what journalists and bloggers do. They think about writing for or about a certain topic. They search that topic in Google. They find some names of writers and journalists who have written about this topic. They make note of the publication, the articles and the writers. Then, they go and look up magazines and blogs they like. They search for their topic of choice in those media outlets to see if they are interested in those topics. They make note of the writers and the editors.

Now, they have a list of "credible" publications to write for, experts to quote and cite and potential blogs for guest posts. They also know the editors so they know who to pitch.

Then, they write the story and they try to go sell it. Other folks who have relationships with editors will simply pitch the idea first before they do the work of actually writing.

Now, if your name and material does not show up in any of those searches or if you cannot point to your work somewhere that is comparable to those publications, then you are not on their radar.

Now, not everyone is going to make it out of the gates to the top 10 articles of all times in Forbes.

So then what do you do?

You pitch yourself. You promote yourself, your work and your ideas. This is the same for PR as it is for getting more clients. You step up to the plate and get to sharing your ideas.

"If no one is blogging about you, it's because you have yet to create the opportunity for yourself." (tweet that!)

Yes, occasionally someone may ask you to write for their blog, but the big guys? The juicy ones that give you reach and credibility? There are too many known writers to go searching for a needle in a haystack. If you're not already in reputable magazines, then you need to start pitching… now!

"I wanna get out and get noticed…"

When you're ready, you just know it. You might be scared, have butterflies in your stomach and may not even be sure of the exact plan to make it all happen, but you know you're ready for more. In fact, the above quote was taken from one of my readers a few months back when I asked her what she wanted to learn in the coming months. Her, like thousands of other budding entrepreneurs, struggle with the same thing: being found and seen by the right customers. And then once you attract the right people, how do you get them to work with you?

I've been listening to your comments, your feedback and the needs of my students. As a result, my good friend and I have put together a content rich, action packed course to give you the exact tools and community you need to make get your business off the ground. It's online so as long as you have internet, you're a-ok to rock it out.

The fact of the matter is if you don’t sell yourself and your ideas, your business is going to suffer.

You’re going to suffer.

This course is anti-suffering (and pro pleasure) and won’t be for everyone. I say that with 100% sincerity. It’s for the people who are on the cusp of something bigger, who are excited at the thought of their potential and want to do something to make it happen. I’m less concerned with where you are than where you intend on going…

In our course, we’ll be covering the following in depth:

  • How to promote yourself without selling out
  • Four ways to quickly identify your customers' personality type (and effortlessly tailor each conversation to them)
  • The spiritual side of 7 figure sales
  • The trick to getting paid what you're worth
  • When and how to connect with your audience (and why women are extra good at this)
  • Secrets to selling 7 figures and beyond
  • What burnout is really telling you
  • And a lot more…

You will have a proven action plan, simple, clear guidance on how to implement it, a heavy dose of doing what you love and a world-class support system to hold you accountable… a safe space to share your desires, your fears and your successes.

And the best part, we're making it extra affordable the first round and are even offering an option for a select few to take it for free.

The promise? That you'll take action and when you do, you're going to see improvement. More people will know who you are, you will close more sales or at least have more of the right customers talking to you and maybe even find your next business partner (all of this and more happened in our beta test).

No more hiding. No more excuses. If you're sitting on a project that needs to launch or thinking about a possible business and just feel stuck, this is the rocket booster you need and have been waiting for.

Please realize this: People take courses all the time and don’t do a whole lot with that information. Our course is aimed at getting you to take fierce action that feels good. You will see and feel different at the end of working with us. #guaranteed. Ultimately, when we give you more information about the course and you are asked to participate, I want you to follow your gut. Not fear. Not the dream of a magic pill. Your gut.

So, be on the lookout for more information and in the coming days, I'll be sharing how you can even take the course for free!

What can you do NOW to get better at self-promotion? Below is a simple road map to getting you the attention you need and deserve for a money-making, impact-spreading business. Keep in mind, you can do these in any order you want and steps 1, 2 and 4 are ongoing.

A Four Step Roadmap to Promoting like a Champ

Step #1: Develop confidence People like confidence. They like to know that they can trust you and if/when a problem arises, they can rely on you. Confidence in who you are sends the message that you're reliable, that you're worth their time and energy. It tells people that even when things don't run smoothly, I'm you're gal. You can count on me! It doesn't mean you have all the answers. It doesn't mean you're perfect. It means you're willing to try and the confidence comes in trusting you can and will find the answer (e.g. a solution, a blog post idea, a person to help with the project).

This is the most important part of any pitch and any relationship in life. If you lack in self-confidence, work on building it. Surround yourself with people you trust, that hold a bigger vision than you have for yourself and that want to see you succeed. Without confidence, none of these other steps matter. And if you're like oh, I need to have 100% confidence before I do anything else.. realize that's a trap. You'll probably never be 100% certain so best to get a movin' when you've got some steam in your engine.

Step #2: Be super generous (with yourself and others)  Business is about giving. It's about helping people get what they want. Like the famous salesman, Zig Ziglar, used to say, "You can get what you want so long as you help enough people get what they want."

The thing about offering to help people (especially if you admire those folks), is that you have to feel confident in your ability to delver value. Most people think that to help someone you need to do a lot of work.

Again, this is not true. Many times, what comes easily to you does not come easily to someone else. Thus, you may not even feel like you're doing much of anything but to them, it means the world!

Be willing to find out what other people need and be willing to help them make it happen. if you trust them, consider making a much needed introduction. Maybe they need directions to the best restaurant in NYC-- help them out. Or maybe they're mother just passed away and they need someone to cheer them up. The sky's the limit! Help whenever and wherever you can and watch, over time, as the world rewards you for your generosity.

Step #3: Create a digital story Remember, you need something to point to that demonstrates credibility and skill. People like to see what you actually do (more than being told). Thus, you need to create some sort of digital portfolio that highlights your work. This could be a well written Linkedin profile, a blog with some of your ideas written out, a Youtube channel with some videos , a portfolio (if you're a visual artist-- graphic designer, photographer-- you need to have your work on display), an About.me page, a public manifesto, etc. This way, when people search for you in Google or ask for more information about you, you are prepared to show them something well put together! This is so important.

Here are some tools to put together your story: Linkedin: business version of Facebook. Wordpress: Blogging platform. Free. Highly customizable. Involves some learning in how to use it. This blog uses Wordpress. Tumblr: More intuitive than wordpress but less customizable. Great for showcasing images.

Step #4: Talk about what you're doing and what you want (plus FREE BONUS:Quick Video Tutorial #nosellout Self Promotion) So you got your swag on, you've been helping everyone and their mom and you even have a basic site up that looks so sexy. Now what? Now it's time to talk about what you do and what you want. This seems to be the hardest part for most entrepreneurs so we created a free video tutorial for you here that goes into detail about you can have a conversation about yourself and not sound vain or wacky. Click this link to access our free video. (FYI: this video won't be available forever and in a few weeks, will actually be taken down. If you don’t want to have to sign up for anything to see it later, go watch now.).

Now-- you tell me. Which step would you start with and why? Do you already have an online presence and if you do, can you link share it below too? I can't wait to see what you guys come up with. Share your answer in the comments below now and let's get it poppin!