Sometimes it feels like we are walking in the dark. No matter how hard we try, the answers and solutions to our most probing questions seem to hide. Until we realize one day that the darkness itself is a facade and that we are actually  soaked in light, truth and all we need. "What we seek on the outside exists within. The search thus begins inside of you." (tweet it!)

Below is a short video I created entitled, "blinded" that speaks to the twists and turns we as entrepreneurs, and humans in search of something greater, will inevitably experience.


"blinded" by Lauryn Ballesteros

I's not a party without a conversation!

What do you think? Have you experienced a time in your life or business where you felt like nothing worked? Please share what you did to finally be able to "see" your way out of the problem in the comments below.  We are all the teachers here. 




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