Key insight into doing great work.

There are a few truths to doing great work. I'll lay them out here:

  • There is no such thing as getting rid of the tough. If it's any challenge at all you will be forced to face yourself in times of doubt.
  • It doesn't have to or need to be "painful". Tough is different than "I'd rather be dead". This line between challenging and painful to the point of retreat is a difficult one to discern.
  • It isn't all roses. It isn't all hell. I thought entrepreneurship meant salvation and when I picked an unfitting industry found it to be hell. But really, it isn't quite either. It's a blend. And it's still work.
  • If you're out to avoid hard, sit your ass on the couch. NBA players get to do what they love, but you don't think they get tired, sad or upset at the 'hardness' of their life? Think again. There's hard on every path to anything meaningful.
  • Completeness is a combination of many factors. It's about a rich and well-rounded existence. Really.
  • There is no such thing as your "life's work". See tomorrow's post for more on that.
And the list goes on...