How can I live up to my potential?

A few weeks ago I asked a dear friend of mine what question or idea was really eating at her. This is what she wrote to me:

I want to know if I am capable of producing on the outside the level of greatness I have on the inside. I fear my stories will hold me back from my calling or at least allowing myself to go to my calling.

I think that is a question of all of us go getter ask ourselves from time to time especially when we’re going through a transition.

After about 20 really bad Youtube attempts to explain this concept, I decided to take my own advice and “just do it”.

In today’s episode of what we shall call LaurynTV for the moment (the name will change at some point), I take a unique approach to this question.

You’re going to meet Maurica, the flamboyant could-be-Latina, could-be-Russia, soon-to-be singer and hear some profound wisdom dropped on the streets of NYC.

But the even bigger message here is that I ask myself the same exact question more than I care to count or admit. This video is part of my journey figuring out if I will live up to my potential and believe me, there are a lot of mistakes including:

  • We forgot to flip the iPhone the right way so it looks extra narrow.
  • I tried to talk to a group of rebel communists in Union Square park. To say the least, that didn’t work (at all).
  • The “FREE HUG” guy at the park basically took back his offer when he saw we had a camera in our hands.
  •  The quality isn’t that great (it looked so much better on my computer than Youtube) and I clearly have lots to learn about videography.
  • It took me almost two hours to get over the fear of shooting and just do it.

But more than anything, I had to face the reality of what I really want to do… capture stories, create awesome--engaging content, make cool videos that give people a life changing experience and above all… have fun.

So this is me figuring all that out and that’s ok. I definitely didn't get it perfect this time around and you don’t have to either. And over time, you get better!

So now I'm itching to know about you! What are you in the midst of figuring out? Anyone else out there in the middle of an artistic shift? Tell me about it in the comments. I would LOVE to hear about it!