Hey Seth– Pick me as your next intern

Hi Seth, I am really and truly happy that you've taken the time to stop by my blog.

Here is what I've been up to as a marketing gig to show you I am the real deal who wants this internship like a crack head wants his next fix. I, however, have no addiction, am qualified for the position and have an entire Facebook entourage to prove it!

Check out what I've been up to below:

My Past 24 Hours Dedicated to Seth:

1. Stalk your past students: The FeMBA Program  

I thought to myself, this is Seth Godin. The application needs to be kick ass, so I'm going to need to do some research to find out what makes this guy tick. So, I emailed 13 out of your 15 students from the FeMBA program.

Why only 13?

Two of them were hard to find email addresses for. I guess they're protecting themselves from people like me! I spoke with Susan from Dailylit on the phone and with Brooks Bell (she sent Ishita an email on my behalf- I didn't even ask her to do it!), Dahna Goldstein and with Sharon Rowe via email so far-- but more responses keep coming. You picked your MBA students well. Their resumes and willingness to help a fellow entrepreneur astounded me. Thank you ladies!

2. World Premier of Where in the World is Seth Godin?

I am committed to success, and I know that where Seth Godin goes, success soon follows. Follow me on my journey into Hastings-on-Hudson where we search for Seth Godin in the world premier of "Where in the World is Seth Godin?" Click here to see YOUR show!

3.  Create a Facebook Army to Rally For Me

Testimonials are the strongest indication of someone's credibility (that and results). I formed a Facebook Group inviting all of my friends to LIKE it in support of YOU picking ME as your next intern. The numbers keep growing! They also left their own testimonials for why I would be perfect for the job.

Check out the page here.

You can also see some of the testimonials below:

"As you can see by this page [Facebook page] Lauryn is willing and able to go outside the realms of "normal" to get things done. I think she would be a great asset to any company but most will never have the opportunity to have her because she's not the type to settle. You have the opportunity to take her under your wing and have her focus her passion, talent, and energy into your business, take advantage of it!

I wouldn't pass this up before getting to know her further! It shouldn't take long to realize how talented she already is and the amount of potential she still has! However, if you are looking for a cookie cutter employee who will agree with everything and be an on demand ego boost, you probably shouldn't waste your time..." - Carlo Lan

"Message to Seth Godin:

If you are looking for the most passionate, ambitious, hardworking, creative, ready to learn person who thinks outside the box..... Lauryn is the person you want!!!!!" - Armando Ciprian

"Lauryn is motivated, thoughtful, always shows initiative and would make an excellent employee for Mr. Seth Godin. Lauryn is one of the most creative and innovative leaders that I've met and her drive to succeed is incomparable!"- Dela Yador, MTV

"Seth you will Never find a more hardworking and dynamic individual than this young lady...you just can't go wrong with Lauryn!"- Mikaila Soleil

"Intellectual Writer, and a personality to match that; definitely not opposed to saying what's on her mind. Seeks to inspire people to do better and reaches a diverse audience." - Christine Cortes

"I've never met anyone more driven, focused and willing to do what it takes to succeed." - Christina Mendez

3. When in doubt...YOUTUBE IT!

You needed to SEE for yourself how dedicated I truly am, and that I am able to complete the tasks (e.g. copywriting, editing, social media, etc.). I wanted you to see my face, see my vision board, see my collection of books that I read and reread to stay focused and efficient. And, it doesn't hurt that Youtube is also fun! Click here and Check it out!

5. Finding the words...

Trying to sound different and unique, when you have felt that way your whole life, sort of feels like telling a blueberry to act blue. So, I have been as much of myself as I can possibly be to show you who I am.  I spent my time really thinking about examples of why you'd enjoy working with me, why I would soak up your teachings like a dry sponge, why I would further your goals and pay it forward, and ultimately carry my own torch someday. I hope you can see that from this entire application.

Thank you Seth for taking the time to read this, and for offering us such an amazing opportunity.

You said that you hope that throughout this process we learn something; well, I did.

Thank you.