Happy Birthday to me (can you help me out?)

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So yesterday was my birthday and it was incredible. I had some of the most brilliant people at my birthday brunch, was able to celebrate in the presence of family and got to see people I literally hadn't hung out with in almost a year.

But since this festive day happened on  a Sunday, I decided to post this today, figuring that it would reach more people.

The past month or so has been tremendous in terms of growth. We took on a new, 5 bedroom apartment (our second rental in NYC), I launched this online class that already has 74 students (I'm so excited!) and this course for a selected few who are ready to up their game and step out in front of their businesses and lead. I celebrated an unbelievable birthday, an anniversary of 7 years with my significant other and booked a two week trip to the Dominican Republic. I'm also in the midst of planning a month long excursion to go to South Africa to work alongside some incredible organizations to increase the number of wild, big cats which are rapidly decreasing.

And I'd be lying if there weren't some massive freak outs along the way, because a lot of things didn't go as planned.

Our plumbing went on the fritz (3x) with 7 people staying in our home and we had no shower or toilet access. One guest went to the bathroom in a back ailey at 3 AM (she was pretty hardcore!). We didn't sleep for 24 hours trying to get a plumber into see the place.

A big leak in the ceiling of our new apartment happened two days before the plumbing went and we had new guests moving into our second apartment with no clean sheets or towels.

And then there was the fear.

The ever present, overwhelming fear that happens when you're in the bubble of your own mind and you can't see the forest for the trees.

I sat on my air mattress in our new apartment and cried for about an hour, wondering if we had made a giant mistake. With $10k cash in this place and all these new problems coming about, was it worth it?

Did we royally fuck up and now, what were we going to do?

My partner was scared and I was emotional.

I felt tied down to NYC with a lemon of a property and what seemed like an inattentive landlord.


But then something miraculous happened.

My guy went and got me a delicious breakfast (fresh, french toast with organic bacon and delicious maple syrup). I had opted for something cheap because in that moment, I fet broke. I felt defeated. I felt stupid. So I made choices that reflected how I felt.

I felt instantly better after I ate that food.

Then I got my first birthday gift.

Then my friend told me she was surprising me in NYC!

And then the plumber came and all was fixed.

Then we had two more bookings for our apartment and an incredible rest of the weekend, filled with brunch, family and friends.

The lesson here?

We are always equally on the brink of epic failure and monumental success. In fact, on which ledge we stand if very much so a result of our own perspective.

A phrase that has gotten me out of bad deals and into a better life was the following. "If I were a millionaire, what would I do?" Every time I ask myself this, I surprise myself with the answer.

My inclination tends to be to go slower, be more generous and take more strategic, beneficial risks. I worry less, smile more and am much more laid back which makes me more effective.

So why am I telling you this?

Right now you might be in a hard spot. You might hate your life, haven't made any money or just went broke. Maybe you're unhappy and you don't even know why. Whatever the case may be, I urge you to consider who you want to be and how you want to feel before you live out your life today.

If you want riches and success, then you need to act like that first.

A woman who wants to be treated like a classy lady doesn't get that sort of treatment by fundamentally seeing herself as a slut, does she?

You, equally, will not achieve a successful business, life, marriage, blog, etc, if you can't first see yourself as such, even before it actual happens in real life.

People are always sniffing you out, wondering if you're stable, reliable and trust worthy. We instinctually move towards people who are confident and believe in themselves. So start believing today.

Do I think I made a bad choice on my RE deal?

No, I don't. I'm living rent free, 15 minutes from Manhattan with 3 more properties on the way by the end of the year.

What I do think is that we are tested. Our dreams are tested. Our faith is tested, both in our ability to achieve the impossible and to simply "be" even when you're scared shitless.

I wish for you an even greater level of belief in yourself moving forward so that you can achieve your wildest dreams.

So that you can be the leaders we've been waiting for.

So that you can feel good about yourself, dammit and be someone your kids will be proud of.

And for my birthday gift, I ask for the following, You can do one or the other, both if you like, but I'd be so grateful if you at least chose one:

1-  Sign up for This Skillshare class and tell everyone you know about it! It's meant to wake people up to why their vision for the world is so important and how you can leverage it in sales, marketing and in creating a life of abundance and happiness. It starts with you and the craziest part is that you already have the answers.

It's $15 and it will change your life. We already have 92 students join us!

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2- Only a few people know about this and it wasn't until today that I was going to public ally post it. I am looking to bring together 15 of some of the most promising thought leaders to help them step their games up, create a bigger stage for themselves and get their ass on a TEDx stage. We are almost full and I'm looking for a few more rock stars.

It will significantly change your life and direction of your business. If you k now someone who would love this, please share this with them. And if you're interested yourself, reach out to me by email.

Thank you for all of your support, love and encouragement throughout the years. This ride is worth it because of each of you.