Going around to go forward

I once told a friend to always go to the source to get ahead. Stop following useless procedures and start talking to people who can answer your questions. That advice landed him an internship with giants of the fashion world. But there is a point when indirectness is an art and useful if not totally necessary.

I spent 3 months trying to directly speak to people who could answer my questions, in fact it was their job to do just that.

But they didn't want to answer them.

No returned calls. No acknowledgments of the letters, books, emails I sent and even flat out rejections without having even a smidgen of knowledge as to what I was talking about.

The ludicrous of it all is almost funny.

I was given every obstacle known to the corporate world to stop a conversation from taking place and even when I made it past the flames and guns I still didn't make it, not really.

So I had to turn two conversations into ten.

I had to slow down to go faster.

Go around to go forward.

I had to forget about selling to sell.

Rather than being the mountain trying to move the earth, I decided to be the water that nurtured it. An intuitive, rarely spoken of need that comes from and exists in all places, land, air, and sea, and that fits into spaces of all sorts and sizes.

Water can be a great many things- a spring mist, a powerful hurricane, or a gentle river, ebbing and flowing along he river bank's edge. And in its purest form it acts as a mirror, showing you something as simple and powerful as your face.

I want the right and need to be that mirror as well as that nourishment.

Yes, I aim to be water.