Giving away your power

You're sitting across the table from a potential partner. They're sold. They want to work with you and ask, "So what's next?" Your boss looks at you to ask your opinion of new initiative in the company at a shareholder meeting. She wants to hear your thoughts, where do you think they should head?

Your wife looks at you, frustrated, wondering why you didn't remember your anniversary.

Too often we don't want to be the guy or gal to make the decision or to own the outcome. Low risk means low gain. As I talked about in this post, many times success is about being ready and able to stand the heat of the kitchen. To share your opinions and insights and be ok with the outcome, whatever that may look like.

To stand in front of your potential partner and close the damn deal, because the next step is to sign the contract.

To  tell your boss where the company needs to head regardless of if that's what shareholders want to hear... it's what they need to hear.

And to look at your wife and apologize, because you did in fact forget your anniversary.

It's about ownership, not passing the buck.

Animals instinctively only follow emotionally balanced leaders and so the strongest leaders, in my opinion, are those able to be balanced amidst chaos. Those who are emotionally strong. You only grow in influence the more able you are to adapt to quickly changing surroundings and develop a greater willingness to say yes to things most people would run from (i.e. some variation of creativity and responsibility).

Because again, it isn't about factory-mentality output. It's about your ability to make decisions even in the face of heightened emotions and in owning the outcome, whatever that may be.