Fear of leading

It comes time to hire an intern or bring on your first employee... Finally you're going to teach that one class....

But then the inevitable mental chatter ensues:

Who are you to do so?

What if you don't meet their expectations?

What if you don't know all the answers to their questions?

What if they're better than you, out sell, score, do, paint whatever-you and you lose your job, the respect in your industry or even your wife?

Yes, what if.

There is an inherent fear in leading or rather an assumption that to lead one must be perfect when in fact I think it is the exact opposite.

The fear of being exposed, caught, seen for what you really are is quite common.

But the presence of fear signifies only that fear exists. Fear alone is not indicative of the truth.

Because a great leader is one whom others will follow even when they disclose their uncertainty of their predicted outcome.

Uncertainty in fact is inherent in all that we do.

So let me be the first to say that if you initiate conversations and relationships under the pretense that you do know everything, you will be found out as a fake not because you're a bad person but because that is impossible.

But being honest and confident about what you can deliver (and what you cannot) eliminates the fear of being "found out". They've already discovered your essence and they're thrilled about it!

So you probably won't lose your job to the intern and your industry will go on respecting you.

In fact, you're probably a lot more capable than you've given yourself credit for.