Don't be so hard on yourself

We all make mistakes. I find that as I increasingly step into the public eye I'm more aware of both what I believe and how others perceive me. If I had a $1 for every time someone waved ʺauthenticityʺ in my face I could take my boyfriend and I out for a nice dinner. When you're clear about what you believe, expect that others will hold you to it, out of love or hate and for better or worse.

But what I really want to acknowledge are the moments when you aren't in line with your truths (and this happens to all of us).

What happens when for a moment you lack integrity, act inauthentically, lie, wear leather boots as a vegan or break fast early during Ramadan?

When you are thrown into a new situation and your nervous system is going haywire and you're trying to navigate a cloudy, mountainous terrain?



It's ok.

Your views might in fact change throughout the course of your life and that's ok, even if you're publicly known for one thing, you are not locked into it. You can reinvent yourself at anytime.

Change is inherent to all that we do as is learning the ropes. If you're actively growing (change) then you are actively being introduced to new environments which inherently brings about new fears.

It's ok if you mess up. The important thing is that you re-focus and re-direct when you realize you're off course.

No one is perfect and genuinely trying your best is about the best we can do.