Coming in last

The thing about being first is that until you're willing to be last again, your position as first is compromised in the long run. The irony about being at the top is that once you're there, your new fear is being #2. No longer are you wondering how to climb your way to the top 10. The new fear is how can you stay there and what type of failure will you be perceived as if you fall or fumble?

But I think perfection is for the delusional.

If you choose to never fail or fumble, your strategy will work until it doesn't and your demise will be certain because your knowledge or skill is no longer competitive...

But if you choose to step into the ring more often than not. If you take on life as a co-op, learning balanced with action, then you're constantly renewing your skills not to mention making the journey interesting along the way.

If athletes want to go pro, how can they do so if they've never played with anyone better than them?

If as a consultant you want to take on increasingly challenging cases, how can you do so if you advise on the same recurring issues and never step back into the game to learn again?

If you only compete at your current level, how will you grow?

And if you're not growing, then what's the point?