'CLICK!' moments

I call them click moments, because in my mind they surface as quick, abrupt snaps of overwhelming clarity. They're the times in your life where you face head-on what you've been denying for quite some time.

They're the moments where you see the world in a different light and now the truth is so clear that you can never in good faith look back, because if you did, you knew would be lying to yourself.

They're the moments when you have that dreaded conversation with a significant other, the one where in that split second a substantial shift takes place. You don't see things the same anymore. And you can't go back. There is huge clarity and a very clear action plan awaiting adoption.

They are the moments of brief enlightenment, ones that many run from.

I write this blog to help facilitate these click moments for you. To help you face your fears, to see the world in a different light, to challenge common-day practices and to just riff.

These moments are so crucial to the formation of who we are as people. I remember many of mine very clearly.

The day when I realized I wasn't meant to work at a 9-5 job.

The day I realized my relationship with my now ex-boyfriend had run it's last course.

The second I knew that I couldn't do 'that' any longer.

They can be some of the most defining moments of are our lives. The foundation for our greatest work, but only if we allow them to be.

Only if we don't suffocate them with denial and mental poison. 'Improvement' awaits on the other side of these seemingly scary seconds of realization.

And to bring it down a level from the woo-woo, what I'm really saying is to not fear who you are or what is coming and to stop fighting with yourself.

Don't fight your intuition. Don't fight your gifts. It will tire you out.

It comes down to something as simple as saying, "Ok."

Your bus came late.... 'ok'.

You didn't get the job you wanted.... 'ok'.

You just got married.... 'ok'.

You are a millionaire.... 'ok'.

You need to have all of your teeth removed.... 'ok'.

You don't want to work as a graphic designer anymore... 'ok'.

You hate your acting career.... 'ok'.

You're gay and are finally admitting this to yourself.... 'ok'.

So what are you going to do about it?

If you could say "ok" 200 more times throughout the day, maybe these moments wouldn't even seem so grandiose. Maybe, by sheer virtue of acceptance and riddance of denial, they will instead come and go just as time does.

But until we arrive at the point of where we say "ok" enough to whatever circumstance presents itself in our life, we will most certainly have our click moments where we are unmistakably presented with a choice. We can either face what life is so clearly trying to show us or we can ignore it. But by ignorning it you deny yourself. That denial weighs on your spirit and you internally feel friction each time you act in opposition to your gift of a breakthrough moment.

When you know that you should no longer be with your partner, but you stay.

When you realize that you have outgrown your current job, but you stay.

When you realize that you are really overweight and that if it continues, you could develop diabetes and die. But you continue eat junk food.

We are given these moments as blessings. How often in our lives do we EVER feel super clear about things?

How often can we without a shadow of a doubt say what the best course of action is?

In my life, it's these moments that bring about the most clarity and the most fear. But they should be seen for what they are: blessings.

Embrace them.