CEOs and CMOs are people just like you.

There's a tendency for people to view C-level executives and leaders within a given company (especially corporate America) as untouchable. Ask people how to get in contact with these guys and their eyes gloss over in mystery, awe and fear. It would be easier to map out a journey to Africa on a row boat they might say... The truth is that CEOs and CMOs are just like us.

Some are nice and some aren't.

Some are easy to get on the phone (relatively easy) and others are not.

Some are genuinely interested in growth and others fake it.

Some keep promises and some don't.

They have friends, they have an office where they talk to a select group of people on a regular basis, they have fears and hopes and needs. They commute to work, eat McDonalds and take out the garbage.

They don't live in a "business" or an ivory tower in the sky. In fact, they reside right there over on 34th and Madison 15 minutes from where I live.

If you fear the people you're selling or marketing to, you won't say what needs to be said to move the deal forward and if the deal doesn't go through, everyone loses.

And if you think they are untouchable well then you probably won't ever pick up the phone, will you?