Looking busy is for "other" people.

Coming from the corporate world, dare I mention Bank of America, I learned that at least if you looked like you were busy, then you would do ok. But what about "looking busy" achieves anything?

How many more important projects, memorable moments, worthwhile conversations or revelations are awaiting your discovery while you're looking busy?

I try to live by this standard as much as possible:

If you don't know why you're doing something, stop doing it, unless, it comes from a deeper place that you cannot explain.

For example, you eat when you're hungry. You cry when you're sad. In both cases you can clearly state you know why you're doing what you're doing.

But do you start a business when you're low on money?

Do you take a one way flight to Asia with no promise of a job upon your return home?

Those are the things that aren't so clear. Those are the boundaries more and more people are learning to go to.

That is where looking busy is immediately recognized as someone who hasn't transitioned yet. Someone who is new to the doing real work side of life. Well, let me be the first to say welcome!

And don't feel bad. Most of us came from that way of thinking at one point. We wanted to keep our jobs and do good work and that's what we knew we had to do at least a little bit.

This article frees you from that. You don't have to look busy any longer. You can be busy with life instead.

Things I do that don't look busy that are #cool #awesome #helpful anyways:

DOODLING while I brainstorm. Drawing eliminates the resistance inside of me that blocks good ideas. I give myself permission to doodle my mind out, literally, and let the good stuff get flowing.

VOICE RECORDING: the act of trying to type it all out bothers me sometimes and hurts my neck (sitting at a computer all day isn't good for your neck). So I am beginning to record my ideas outloud. This helps me process my thoughts and feelings on a subject.

SINGING: O yea. I make up my own songs, edit ones I sort of know because I'm horrible at lyrics and go to town.  Shower, streets of Harlem, public bathrooms, wherever. No discrimination here guys.

BOXING: 2 hours of hitting the bag, intense crunches and technique forces me to be in the zone or else I get hit. Literally. Focus is the opposite of resistance to doing great work. This helps me get there.

Last thought: doing great work has so little to do with the actual work that you do, and by work I mean the action. People think that they have to find the perfect profession to change the world, make a million dollars or fly to Paris. But the truth is that there is opportunity in everything. It starts with you before anything else and it transfers into what you do by the manner in which you do it.

Don't get me wrong; action is important. But it's pointless if you're just trying to look busy.