Best compliment in the WORLD is positive feedback...

For anyone out there who understands what it means to create, and I don't care what it is- a mud pie, a blog, business, car, piece of artwork, a dance, cake, dinner, etc.- you can relate to the AWESOME sensation of when people love your work and have been inspired by it. Today, 2 compliments came my way. They are awesome because it shows that people are being POSITIVELY IMPACTED and are TAKING ACTION. You guys are my absolute inspiration and motivation. Truthfully. You are the reason I do this.

To you special ladies: I am impressed with you gals. You took the time to send forward these positive messages and I am sure the blessings of karma will be 10 fold. You guys rock.

For those of you still not taking action, what are you waiting for? Take a lesson from these gals.

Below are the messages that were sent to me. Names have been excluded simply because I'm not sure if they want their names blasted on my blog. You guys know who you are :)

Letter #1:

Hey Lauryn!

I am a subscriber to your blog and I absolutely love it! It is so refreshing and it helps me to maintain a positive perspective. After watching your video, I made a "Renee Bible" with affirmations about where I am now, where I wanna be next year, and how I'm going to get there. It really helped me to re-focus and to gain some renewed energy. So thank you so much and keep up the great work! I wish you well on your move to NYC and all your future endeavors.

Facebook Re-post and Message #2

ok, reading my friends blog (Lauryn Ballesteros :D) , and i just neeeeeeded to post this. read it, people.

Thanks guys!

YOU GUYS are the superstars.

Cheers and Blessings,


LifeLalita Ballesteros