Why authenticity is so important.

It can't be faked. It's what distinguishes professionals from amateurs, the best from the average and the worthwhile from the time consuming.

When selling something, you are constantly confronted with your moral self. You are challenged a daily basis to question 5000 times why what you're doing is important.

You go up against people with different values, different opinions, guys and gals who, if given the chance, would have done it differently.

But yet you created this product or this service, you did it this way not that way and you can't just change the whole thing because 1 person opposes.

But sometimes it's hard, because you really do believe in what you do and when others classify you as being disingenuous, it's a hard piece of opinion to swallow.

Authenticity draws the line between the sale and the almost sale. Between the deal and the no deal.

By being genuine you win friends and influence people. By being genuine you also turn people off and lose sales.

But it's that commitment to who you are and what you believe in that for the long haul will prevail.